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No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Perry Como sang it first: There’s no place like home for the holidays.

While architectural styles have changed since Como first crooned those memorable lyrics in the 1950s, the home is still the center of most celebrations from late November through the weekend after the New Year.

A home is much more than a shelter from cold, rain and snow for most Midwesterners. It’s a place where children are raised, seasons observed and memories made. A house of your own has been the American dream for decades. The ideal: A place to call your own.

Fortunately, the housing market has rebounded since the financial fiasco of 2008. People are buying and selling homes again. The dream is strong and house sales are swelling.

Holidays bring back old traditions, ignite new ones

Many first-time home-owners make up their minds to invest in a home during the holiday season. While feeling close to the hearth, their minds wander to local real estate ads. Their spirits grow with every display they see illuminating someone else’s house.

As soon as families start to hear Christmas music in malls, they find themselves detouring to the decorations department. Kids like to look at colorful ornaments. Dads check out the latest in electronic gadgets. Mothers picture what might look nice on their front door:

  • Natural greens

  • Wreath with toys tied to it

  • A big red bow or striped candy cane

  • The whole door wrapped as a giant gift

Almost everyone loves the warmth of a happy homestead in winter. Apartments can be cozy and comfy until Santa starts to make headlines and snow sprinkles its magic on the ground. No matter how modest a home may be, it’s a special place during the holidays. Owning your own home makes it more fun to follow Grandma’s gingerbread recipe, filling the air with spicy goodness. It sets future family rituals for people who yearn to pick out the perfect fir tree to greet guests from their front window. For Christmas: There’s no place like home!

Loads of lights make holidays brighter

Let’s face it . . . most of us would like to deck a house in Clark Griswold-style, despite his many holiday mishaps in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Not even Black Friday or Cyber Monday can compare with visions of bright lights on the lawn of your very own home.

So . . . What are the odds of finding the right house to buy in December? It’s usually a low sales month, but this year the real estate market has held steady and better. The West Michigan area earned acclaim as a top U.S. market to invest in a home, making local sales grow hotter.

To begin your home search this winter visit city2shore.com to get connected with a City2Shore agent near you.

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