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Arete Collection Opens in Grandville, MI

City2Shore Real Estate is excited to announce our latest franchise addition, City2Shore Real Estate - Arete Collection. The brokerage represents the 6th to the franchise and the 11th office to open nationwide. Located just 10 miles southwest of Grand Rapids, Grandville is one of the oldest suburbs in the Grand Rapids area and was incorporated as a city in 1933. The brokerage is owned by Bob Kornstadt and Rennie Barton and will provide various services in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.

Rennie and Bob both grew up in West Michigan and first met when they were young. "I met Bob at church and our families have grown up together. Bob and I, our wives, and our kids all hang out" says Rennie. "We even go on some vacations together. What's great is we both share the same values and goals."

Rennie Barton was a factory worker at Royal Technologies prior to becoming a Realtor in 2008. He worked at another brokerage in the Grand Rapids area and switched to City2Shore when they first opened in 2011; becoming the first agent to ever work at City2Shore Real Estate. "When I was selling my first house I loved the process and became interested in helping other people buy and sell homes. After we sold my house I decided to get my real estate license and have been doing real estate ever since."

Prior to becoming a Realtor in 2017, Bob Kornstadt's career was solely in fixed operations in the automotive industry; serving as a Service Director and Service Manager at various Chrysler dealerships. "I learned early how to develop talent and build successful teams. I have found these skills to be valuable as well as applicable to any industry –, and life, for that matter." When he was searching for a Real Estate brokerage to join, Bob wanted to work for a company with strong values. "City2Shore believes in the power of building others. The phrase, 'We'll take you anywhere,' is something I have always believed as an individual" said Bob. "When a company believes in building people over personal gain, everybody should be jumping at the opportunity to do business with them."

The idea of starting a business during a global pandemic would deter most, but Bob and Rennie view it as an opportunity. "The pandemic created obstacles, that is for sure," said Bob, "But I choose not to let the pandemic define my business or change my goals. [Professional basketball player] Robert Horey said, 'Pressure can bust pipes but it can also make diamonds.' The pandemic created a lot of unwanted pressure. We were all posed with a choice: you could either let it bust you or let it make you shine, and we chose not to let it bust us."

Rennie and Bob aim to position Arete Collection as a business of integrity and excellence. "We chose the name Arete because we believe in the standards of excellence. From our client's experiences to our agent's outlooks we believe in operating with excellence" said Bob. "We are Arete and we are always up to the challenge of showing why."

When it comes to their office culture, Arete Collection will be a business that is centered around community. "I love to see people do what they love. Not only just other agents but anyone that is starting a business. I love it when I am able to give advice or help them grow, doing what they love. We want our brokerages to be a place where you can willingly receive advice from other agents, enjoy coming to work, and grow along the way," says Rennie.

"Our primary business goal is simple: build people. Be a well for others that they can return to over and over and be filled. By building others and making them successful we will have a passionate following in every area we go," says Bob.

Please help us welcome Bob Kornstadt, Rennie Barton, and the rest of the Arete Collection family to the franchise!



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