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Foundations Opens in Kentwood, MI

City2Shore Real Estate is excited to announce our latest franchise addition, City2Shore Real Estate - Foundations. The brokerage represents the seventh to the franchise and the twelfth office to open nationwide. Located in Kentwood, Michigan, City2Shore Foundations will serve clients throughout West Michigan.

Dustin Amerson was born in the Greater Grand Rapids area and has lived in and around Grand Rapids his entire life. Dustin worked in sales for several years, but as a devoted family man with six sons, Dustin was seeking a career that allowed him to spend more time with his wife and sons. "An old colleague of mine took me to lunch and explained that ever since they started working in real estate, they never missed a school event for their daughter. I instantly wanted more information," said Dustin. "My boss at the time had a bit of a conniption anytime I wanted to go to one of my kids' school parties or concerts if it was during business hours and I strongly believe that family comes before work," said Dustin. After learning more about the real estate industry, Dustin received his real estate license and has never looked back.

After working as a Realtor for 10 years, Dustin felt called to build something bigger than himself and provide other agents the opportunity to succeed. "My wife and I wanted to help new agents succeed in a competitive industry. We also wanted to make a home for existing agents who felt they might not be getting the best value with their current brokerage" explained Dustin. "City2Shore offers the best of both worlds: affordable splits and low caps along with incredible technology. Once we met the founders and understood that our visions coincided, we knew we had found our Real Estate home."

Dustin's goal is for City2Shore Foundations to truly be a home for other agents and allow them the opportunity to build fulfilling careers. "We want to help each agent find what is important in life and then shape their real estate careers around those things, not the other way around."

When discussing business goals for Foundations, Dustin made it clear that the numbers are not a priority. "We want to be the best of the best. We don’t care about the highest volume agents as much as we care about having good agents. Agents who think words like integrity and trust still have meaning. Agents who will put their clients before commission and operate in a way that merits the highest rated reviews" says Dustin. "We want to let our love for people guide us to do what's best for our clients. These are the things our brokerage represents."

Please join us in welcoming Dustin Amerson and the Foundations team to the franchise!


Owning your own brokerage is within your reach. By franchising with City2Shore you are partnering with a company that is dedicated to your success. When leveraging our systems and tools you will be able to maximize your potential and focus on truly growing your business. Join one of the rising real estate franchises and discover the difference with City2Shore Real Estate. www.city2shore.com/franchise

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